Who Are We?



itw is owned by Impression Healthcare Limited (IHL), a publicly listed dental tech device company specialising in quality dental products available direct to consumers. All our products are made in our lab located in Melbourne.

The team at IHL has over 20 years experience in making quality dental devices and other medical devices. Traditionally these devices can only be ordered through a dentist, but now IHL is disrupting the way Australians consumers can get quality dental devices from the comfort of their own home.  

The following products all fall under the IHL banner and are all made by the same professional dental technicians in Melbourne:

  • The Knight Guard is designed to help those who grind their teeth at night or during the day by providing a protective layer to prevent teeth on teeth grinding.  We also specialize in day time retainers.
  • The Sleep Guardian is our custom made Mandibular Advancement Device that is designed to aid in the treatment of snoring.  This device is an affordable, effective treatment for the prevention of snoring.
  • Gameday Mouthguards Australian most trusted mouthguard brand, supplying quality custom-fitted mouthguards for maximum teeth protection

 For more information on Impression Healthcare Limited visit impression.healthcare.