Backup - How It Works

With our quality custom teeth whitening kits you get the benefits of white teeth without having to leave home.

Follow these easy steps:


Buy Your Kit
Order online and we’ll get it to you express FREE post.


Take Your Impression @ Home
Check out the video here:


Return Your Impression
We’re going to make your custom plates straight from your impression.
Don't worry, If your impression is not quite right, we'll send more putty out to you so you can try again until you get it just right and can move on to the next step. 


Our Dental Lab Technicians Get To Work
They’re going to handcraft your whitening trays for you - just like you’d get from the dentist - in our super high-tech lab in Melbourne. 


Start Whitening
Once we receive your impressions, you’ll receive your finished trays in a week or so. Now you can start making that smile even better! View whitening instructions here!

ITW recommend whitening between 90min per session, depending on the sensitivity of your teeth this can be shorter or longer. We recommend that for the first week you whiten once a day until your teeth are at the desired level of whiteness, once you have reached this you only need to maintain as you need. How often you whiten to maintain your pearly whites depends on your diet (consumption of coffee, chocolate, wine...etc) and personal preference..