Why Having Clean Teeth Is Important For Maximising Whitening Results

Maybe it seems obvious or perhaps not, but for the best and even whitening results you should ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned beforehand. If you really want to do it properly, you should also consider booking in an appointment with your dentist to get your teeth cleaned. Have an appointment with the dentist coming up? Perhaps you should wait until after visiting the dentist or hygienist to start the whitening process.

Why are clean teeth better? We are going to discuss…

Whilst we can get our teeth looking relatively clean, avoiding things such as plaque build up can be a serious task. Often the only way to truly rid of plaque is through a 6 month or yearly trip to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned.

It is possible that through whitening your teeth plaque build up will become more noticeable. Teeth whitening works by deeply cleansing and detracting the stains of your teeth that have built up over a period of time. However, this does not work on substances such as plaque. Therefore if you have a build-up of plaque it will become more apparent after whitening.

The same issue occurs with food or other built-up substances that might be lurking in your teeth. They will risk the teeth whitening process becoming uneven.

Our advice to you?

If you can’t find your way to a dentist before whitening then do not stress. But do make sure you try to do these few things:

  1. Clean teeth thoroughly, particularly focus on small circular motions around the gums of the teeth also.
  2. This next step is absolutely crucial...floss! Floss between each of your teeth going right down to the root of the teeth on either side. Make sure you are ridding of any food particles or plaque.
  3. If you’ve got it on hand, mouthwash! A final way to clear your teeth of bacteria or any substance lurking around your teeth.
  4. Dry your teeth before beginning your whitening session.

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