Why Go Custom? Why itw Is The Perfect Multi-Tasker

These days the options for teeth whitening are extensive. Who hasn’t seen influencers all over instagram whitening with the gimmicky LED lights?! If you speak to most women (and men!) these days they have used some kind of whitening product whether it be the gels with the LED lights, charcoal, coconut oil, toothpastes or cosmetic/professional whitening. The possibilities are endless!

So what makes our product different to all of the other products on the market? What was once only possible from visiting a dentist, has now been made attainable through our innovative (and affordable) process! What itw offers is custom whitening trays, a thin clear plastic tray similar to a retainer, to hold the whitening gel in place. We do this by sending out a simple at home impression kit with a reply paid box for you to send back to our dental lab in Melbourne where a dental technician will then hand make your custom trays. Once finished, the custom trays will be sent to you with your gels and other goodies! (This might sounds scary but we even know many young children who have taken impressions of their mouth for our brother brand Gameday Mouthguards and actually find it really easy!)

Custom trays, unlike LED light trays, keep all of the gel in the right spots. So why is this so essential? Well, exposing your gums to the whitening gels can cause all kinds of issues such as gum disease and can significantly irritate the gums. Where as when whitening with custom trays, the gel stays in all of the right spots and focused to your teeth, if there does happen to be excess gel that seeps out of the trays you can simply wipe away when you start whitening.

As the gels stay in place, a lot less gel is required and teeth can be whitened evenly. Using less gel means you are getting more bang for your buck and a reduced risk of sensitivity- what more could you want? Afterall, if it’s the method dentists are using isn’t it safe to assume it’s the most effective?

If none of this has sold you on our custom whitening trays, I’d like to mention the comfort and convenience of using thin, custom fit whitening trays. These things are difficult to even notice you are wearing them, I can still communicate with them in and I can go about my business whilst making my smile nice and bright!

So, some of my favourite things to do whilst I’m whitening my teeth?

After getting out of the shower before going out for the day or night, I love to quickly pop in my whitening trays and leave them in whilst I do my hair, makeup and sort out my outfit! Then voila! A fresh white smile before I go out.

During the week when I’m wanting to whiten I like to do so whilst I’m preparing my meals for the following day, doing the washing or cleaning up around the house! The best thing about this is I feel like I’m achieving a lot and doing something for myself whilst still getting all of my other annoying jobs done. If nothing else, it’s great to whiten after dinner as this stops me from late night snacking - my biggest downfall! You can simply just sit back on the couch, relax and binge watch Love Island and get a nice bright smile!

At itw we are experts at bringing custom products to many satisfied customers- the same process is used to supply many athletes with sporting mouthguards, we provide high quality night guards to many grinders and clenchers and help snorers with our anti-snoring mouthpiece! We are more than just a whitening brand, we are bringing consumers dental quality mouthpieces once only available from an appointment with dentists, no available with the click of a mouse!

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