Whitening Worries: What You Should Know

With all this talk in the media at the moment about at home whitening procedures and the dangers associated with them... We thought we should take a look at the safety of at home teeth whitening, what to be careful about and why all of a sudden is there all of this fuss?

The main issue stems from the many side effects that are unfortunately unavoidable when teeth whitening and who experiences them and the extent varies from person to person. The worry also lies in the type of gel being used, the amount of hydrogen peroxide and the methods people are using to whiten, most typically the whitening kits with LED lights. Suddenly these kits are becoming very popular and even being sold on ebay for just a couple of dollars! The rise of this is seeing many customers visiting their dentists with burnt, blistering gums.

So why is this dangerous?

The key danger as with most things arises when customers don’t take the time to research what is in the gels, safe ways to whiten and the potential side effects involved. By doing this you can make sure to purchase from a brand with a safe level of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Using gels with too many chemicals or a high level of peroxide which is the active ingredient in teeth whitening gels puts you at a higher risk or sensitive teeth and irritated gums.

Further complications arise when people people don’t understand some basic safety tips to know before whitening and the side effects that are common when people whiten their teeth. Knowledge is power and doing your research can really help ensure you are whitening safety and minimising the risks involved with teeth whitening. For example, if your gum is exposed to the gel too much you are likely to experience burns. Therefore, make sure you don’t use too much gel, buy whitening trays that can be well fitted to your teeth and only teeth (trays should stop before reaching your gums) and wipe away excess whitening gel with a paper towel at the beginning of the process.

At itw we try to alleviate you from as much risk as possible by providing you with a high quality, premium gel offering a safe level of hydrogen peroxide and trays perfectly fit to your teeth ensuring gel to gum exposure is at a minimum.

Not understanding or knowing the side effects can also get you into trouble. If you know the negative implications you can pay attention to your mouth and work out if you are experiencing something that is not normal or unpleasant you can work out what it is and what precautions should be taken next. Generally the effects of teeth whitening are short term i.e. gum burn and teeth sensitivity and just require you to put the breaks on for whitening or possibly find a new whitening brand that works better for you or consult with your dentist to find out what more you can be doing.

What to take away from this weeks In The Window; before whitening do your research, consult with someone (you can always email or call us 08 8470 0235 if you feel you need more information and pay attention to how you are responding to the teeth whitening as everybody has different experiences and what has worked for some might not work as well for you.

With love, itw x

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