What Do I Do If I Experience Tooth Sensitivity While I’m Whitening?

Tooth sensitivity. From talking with many customers, friends and family it seems to be the biggest concern on everyone's mind when considering teeth whitening. Some people experience it more than others. For example, if you already have sensitive teeth, grind your teeth or have worn down enamel. I’ve been lucky enough to not experience any sensitivity even after all of my whitening sessions. But, for those who have or are worried about it here is what to do if you start to feel your teeth getting sensitive throughout the whitening process.

Firstly, lets quickly start with why tooth sensitivity occurs during whitening. Tooth sensitivity when whitening is unfortunately pretty common. This is because the teeth become dehydrated straight after whitening. The pores will also be more open making the dentin and nerves in your teeth more exposed to things such as hot and cold temperatures. The thing to remember with sensitivity is it’s not permanent and symptoms should significantly reduce after a few hours and further reduced entirely after 36 hours.

Whilst it’s not permanent, it’s still not particularly a pleasant experience. Luckily there are several things you can do before, during and after the whitening process to ease symptoms of tooth sensitivity. We’ve made a list of precautions you can take both before and after the whitening process.

  • Use a whitening gel with a lower amount of hydrogen peroxide
  • Shorten your whitening sessions - whilst obviously, the closer to the 90 minutes your trays are in for the better results you will get, you will still see positive results from shorter 45-minute sessions.
  • Give yourself a day or two rest in between whitening sessions. Allow your teeth to have some recovery time in between sessions and regain all of the nutrients and minerals in them.
  • Before whitening use a sensitive toothpaste. This is also good to use a couple of hours after you finish whitening.
  • Try using less gel in the whitening tray. It’s possible to drown your teeth in the whitening gel will help you notice the effects of sensitivity more. With our custom trays you can get away with using very small amounts of gel whilst still getting even and effective results.
  • Try avoiding hot and cold foods. This will prevent too much pain and discomfort for you during the process.

So, I hope these few tips will help minimise the sensitivity you experience when you are whitening. Remember it’s temporary and there are things you can do to ease the symptoms and manage the severity.

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