Planning & preparing for a Wedding

By Maree Stoubos

I was lucky enough to jet off to Bali for 2 weeks last month with my partner, parents and best friends. Surrounded by beautiful beach clubs, enjoying warm sunny days and sipping fresh cocktails, I didn’t think the holiday could get any better – but then it did! My partner of two years proposed on the infamous Jimbaren Bay and of course, I said yes!

I returned to Australia with my fiancée, new bling and a thousand wedding ideas. Once I had gotten over the initial excitement of the proposal, the enormity of planning a wedding hit. There is so much to consider, from dresses, to flowers, to whether to invite my extensive list of cousins! Obviously there are the big important decisions too, like picking a date and selecting a venue, but it was a trip to the hairdresser that really got me thinking…
While seeing my hairdresser for a routine cut and colour, she asked me whether I would be keeping my blonde balayage hair or returning to my natural dark colour for the big day. I had only been engaged for a few weeks – I hadn’t even picked a date, let alone thought about my hair! But it caused me to think about how I want to look when I walk down the aisle
It’s often said that weddings are all about the bride and, although it’s a daunting thought, I know that all eyes will be on me – the aisle may as well be a red carpet! With the wedding just over a year and a half away, I’ve already begun to make small changes to ensure that I look and feel confident and healthy come my wedding day.
So before I start dress hunting, I want to work on what’s going inside the dress! In order to be in the best shape possible, I plan to hit the gym 5 times a week and watch what I’m eating. I’m also trying to drink lots of water to keep my skin and body hydrated.

We often hear women say ‘my wedding day was the best day of my life’ and, if my proposal was anything to go by, I know I’ll have a huge smile plastered on my face the entire day.
Before I got engaged, I had braces on the inside of my teeth and have only recently had them removed. I then had a veneer put in to make my teeth even. After a year of dentist visits and agonizing over my teeth, I can now that say I’m pretty happy with how they look. This means that finally I can focus on something that I’ve been wanting to do for years, but have been unable to do due to the orthodontics, – getting my pearly whites looking fresh.
To me, teeth whiting is as important to the wedding prep process as finding a hairdresser and getting the perfect fake tan! I want to ensure that I have a bright, white smile that will not only allow me to feel confident on the day, but will look fantastic captured in photos. As the director of a lifestyle PR firm, my life tends to be a little bit hectic! This is one of the reasons I am so glad that I came across ITW. The fact that I can achieve my dream smile from the comfort of my own home – and save myself from yet another trip to the dentist! – is perfect for my busy lifestyle. The ITW system is convenient, cost effective and time saving, plus I’m already seeing fantastic results. The whitening pen is another ITW product that I love. It’s also great for before events with touch ups on the go, and it’s always in my handbag!
Planning and preparing for a wedding can put a lot of pressure on the bride. Despite being engaged for less than a month, I have already had to consider so many questions about my appearance at my wedding – I even contemplated getting my lips done for the big day! Although I haven’t decided whether a fuller pout will be making an appearance, I do know that I am already taking steps to look my best and can’t wait to show off my confident white smile when my wedding day comes!


Maree xx

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