Tips For Keeping Your Mouth Healthy

To get the most out of your smile and ensure your teeth are healthy and don’t just look healthy we have compiled some tips and habits to keep up to ensure teeth stay healthy.

These tips will keep your teeth white whilst simultaneously promote good breath, strong teeth, healthy gums and minimise your chances of dental complications.


I’m sure you have been told this at just about every dentist appointment you have ever been to. The reason why? It is so important when trying to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Did you also know that a buildup of plaque is one of the leading causes of bad breath? And nobody wants bad breath!

Flossing will keep the bits in between your teeth clean and get rid of any residue of food or buildups that have been stuck in between your teeth and reach the places your toothbrush simply can’t!

Don’t just brush your teeth, brush your mouth too!

Yes I know, this might sound strange. But it is important you are cleaning and brushing the bacteria in your mouth and not just on your teeth. After all your mouth provides a home for your teeth. So if it isn’t clean how can your teeth be?

To clean your mouth make sure you are gently brushing your toothbrush up around your gums and thoroughly brushing your tongue. This will get rid of the bacteria and also help improve your breath.

Consider your diet

This is something we often refer to because as our last blog discussed, the foods you put in your mouth will all have different impacts on your teeth, some good and some bad. We’ve talked a lot about the foods that are bad for your teeth (wine, coffee, dark berries) but have we mentioned the foods that will help promote healthy teeth and mouth? Cheese, yoghurt, leafy greens and carrots are all amongst the foods that are good for your teeth and have a very minimal risk when it comes to staining teeth. Consider keeping a healthy balance of foods for optimal oral hygiene and general health.

Regular Dentist Check-Ups

If you are anything like me, I put off going to the dentist so much. I’m not sure if it’s the fear from childhood or the inconvenience I feel to try to find a time during the week when I’m not busy. Either way, the more I put it off the more I dread going. After I’ve been I always realise it’s better than I expected and I come away with a fresh clean mouth. Going to the dentist regularly will keep your mouth clean and ensure you have no diseases or fillings etc. It will also help provide you with optimal whitening results as clean teeth with minimal plaque buildup ensure for even whitening.

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