The Teeth Whitening Brand Even Dentist’s Use

I’m not sure about anyone else, but it can definitely feel like teeth whitening is taking over the world. With people in our feeds showing off their charcoal grin or chunky LED lights working to get rid of surface stains, the methods of whitening are ever growing!

But there is one method that is undeniably the most effective and trustworthy. Excuse us if it sounds a little biased but when it comes to effective, lasting and safe teeth whitening we don’t think you can overlook the method chosen by dentists. Oh, and us, of course!

Custom whitening is the safest method and the most effective. Did you know it takes around 40 minutes for whitening gel to be able to deeply clean and bleach your teeth? This is why quick 10 minute fixes that may seem like a great option at the time will likely to end in disappointment.

What is custom whitening?

Custom whitening is the method most commonly chosen by dentists. It involves taking impressions of your teeth, turning them into molds to then make thin, plastic whitening trays. These trays are made by dental technicians and designed to keep whitening gel tightly secured and evenly distributed on your teeth for an extended period of time (60-90 minutes) to allow the whitening gel to deeply penetrate the dentin layer to deeply clean and remove stains.

These trays will last you years, are incredibly comfortable and almost look invisible. They will also reduce your risk of experiencing gum burn and irritation whilst you are whitening.

What’s so awesome about Instant Teeth Whitening?

Well, what was once only possible at the dentist is now available to customers directly through our online shop. Here you can purchase your custom whitening kit. We’ll send you an at home impression kit and a postage box, you’ll send your impressions to us and then our team of qualified dental technicians will make your custom trays for you before sending you the full kit complete with whitening gels.

Unsure? Our custom whitening trays are so professional that we even sell our custom trays to various dentists around Australia!

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