The 4 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Taking Their Impression

Not Leaving Putty In The Fridge For Long Enough

Letting the temperature of the putty decrease is vital in giving you a maximum amount of time to work the putty and make the impression. When the putty is cooled, so is the reaction time. So, the warmer the putty the faster it will harden. The putty hardening too fast is an issue as often means you’ll be unable to get a deep enough impression.

To summarise: leaving the putty in the fridge will give you a maximum amount of time to mix the putty and set it up for making the impression.


Not Combining Putty Together Enough


For the putty to harden correctly it has to be well combined. Often people rush this step as they want to get the impression done before it hardens. If you’ve cooled it for long enough you will have no trouble mixing it thoroughly before placing into the tray. The putty being properly mixed together is crucial in the putty hardening, us getting an accurate representation of your mouth and for creating the moulds. All of these will become difficult if putty has been poorly mixed and will require you to redo the impression.


Not Mixing Putty Fast Enough


Whilst some people make the mistake of rushing the putty, the other issue arises when a lack of urgency is taken with mixing the putty. The putty will harden in roughly 2 minutes and 45 seconds, whilst this is a significant amount of time you still need to act fast and get the impression tray in your mouth before it hardens too much so you have time to take the actual impression. It’s also crucial that one impression is done at a time.


Impression Tray Not Being Pushed High Enough


As mentioned previously, we need to be able to make out your gums so the guard can be made to reach high enough to protect the roots of your teeth without causing discomfort. This means we need customers to push the tray as far up high as it can go! Sometimes, we know this might make it a little more uncomfortable but we can assure you - the 2 minutes of slight discomfort will be worth it for the season ahead. Often a fear with customers is touching the tray if they push up too high. This is not an issue as a little bit of purple showing in the impression will not affect the fit of the guard. The higher the better and make sure that the front lip is placed over the front of the tray!

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