Q&A With An itw Employee and Customer

September 20, 2018

Q&A With An itw Employee and Customer

In The Window today we have one of our itw employees Isabel answering a Q&A on our product. Before being an employee at itw Isabel was a customer and had the full customer experience before expanding her whitening knowledge when she started working for the company 6 months later.

How often do you whiten?

When I first got my custom whitening kit I whitened every day for 4 or 5 days. This was over a year ago and the first time I had ever whitened my teeth. I was amazed at the results! After this, I would use the pen occasionally before I’d go out if I had an event on. Now I would whiten maybe once a month, I find one 90 minute session more than enough to keep my teeth looking bright. However, if I have something special I want my teeth really bright for I might do two sessions in the days leading up to it.

Have you tried other whitening brands?

I haven’t actually, I was always so overwhelmed when it came to purchasing because of all the different brands that are on the market. I was so close to purchasing from another popular whitening brand multiple times but had heard very mixed reviews so I waited until hearing about itw and I am so thankful I did!

Typically when you whiten, do you opt for the pen or the custom trays?

I definitely do a mix of both! I love the pen for a quick top off and really notice instant results! But I have to say, I find the custom whitening trays so easy and comfortable if I feel like I need a top up I will often go for this now. The pen is great for if I’m at a friend's before going out or quickly in the morning as I’m getting ready.

When do you whiten?

Lately, I’ve noticed if I’m using my custom trays I will start the process at the beginning of my getting ready routine on a Saturday. I’ll put them in before I have my shower and leave them in right up until I’m about to leave the house. I always say it, it’s the perfect multi-tasker! For some reason I find it so satisfying when I know I’m doing two things at once, so when I’m putting my face on and whitening at the same time I feel very accomplished. Another fav trick of mine is to whiten straight after having dinner to stop me from snacking at night, late night snacking is my biggest downfall! It’s also good for your teeth to have some time before eating and drinking after the whitening process because teeth can be more susceptible to stains straight after whitening!

Why do you whiten?

For me, I love the way it makes my smile pop. I wouldn’t say my teeth or smile is one of my best features and this is my way of improving it. I like the way it contrasts against my skin especially in summer when you have a glow going! I find it gives me that extra bit of confidence when I’m in a conversation with someone whether it be in the workplace or meeting new people for the first time.

Have you experienced many side effects?

I get asked this question a lot by friends and people wanting to try teeth whitening. I have been very lucky and never experienced any negative side effects after whitening my teeth. In saying that, I do make sure I don’t overuse the gel and wipe away all of the excess. Sometimes my teeth will feel a little different for the first hour or so after whitening but nothing painful or long-lasting.

I know I can’t speak for everyone as each person is different and some people have more sensitive mouths than others.

Have you got any tips for people who notice side effects?

What I always say to everyone who asks about side effects with itw or whitening in general is:

  • Don’t overfill your tray as a little goes a long way
  • Try to positive the gel at the front of your tray in the centre of each tooths impression to minimise the likelihood of gel seeping into your gums
  • Wipe away all of the excess gel if there is any and don’t forget the back part of your gums!
  • If you notice tooth sensitivity or sore gums take a break for a couple of days and come back to it and probably don’t follow the recommended 7 days with 90-minute sessions.
  • If you are experiencing negative side effects you can always try whitening for shorter sessions also 20-45 mins is enough to notice results!

For anyone wanting to whiten their teeth and worried about side effects I always like to remind them that itw is probably going to be the best brand for them. It’s no secret that custom whitening trays are the safest option as less gel is required and the trays hold the gel only in the spots necessary meaning there is minimal exposure to your gums (whitening gel can burn your gums if you aren’t careful).

Have you recommended itw to any friends or family?

I have recommended to so many of my friends and family! My mum and besties have used it and all loved the results and even recommended it to their mums too! Even before working for itw my mum and friend gave it a go. My friend wanted to get her teeth white in time for her 21st last year. She bought the pen and custom kit which she found a great combination. I was surprised to learn the other day she hadn’t used any whitening products in over 8 months because her teeth always look so bright.

It’s really nice working for a brand that you feel happy to recommend to your friends and family as it really is a fantastic product. Whenever teeth whitening comes up with my girlfriends I’ll always confidently suggest giving itw a try. The value for money is great and with our money back guarantee there really is no risk.

General Whitening Tips:

My general whitening tips are:

  • For optimal and long-lasting results try to whiten for 90 minutes for the full 7 consecutive days if possible!
  • Try to avoid black coffee and red wine straight after whitening
  • Take a before and after shot, or at least a before shot. It’s not the most pleasant thing to do of your teeth but the best benchmark to refer to and be able to compare your results. I’ve attached my very average before and after from way back below (excuse the lack of quality and my yellow looking teeth).
  • Use a whitening toothpaste, doesn’t have to be fancy, Colgate works well to help prolong your white smile.