Put To The Test: Custom Trays vs One Size Fits All Trays

At itw we know we are different to most brands as we don’t adapt to the common method of gimmicky LED lights and one size fits all trays. This is because we believe there never is truly a one size fits all, everyone has mouths and teeth varying in sizes and shapes. We believe everyone deserves their own custom fit whitening trays, not only are they incredibly comfortable, they are a more effective method. 

Just watch the video tutorial below showing the difference between he typical one size fits all tray and our custom whitening trays. You can see why we have so many happy customers, can’t you? To use the one size fits all trays, far more gel has to be squirted onto the tray if you want a chance at the gel covering all of your teeth. With itw custom trays, you can see the amount of gel required is significantly less. But see how well the gel spreads nice and evenly across the teeth. The custom trays are essential in getting and even bright white smile. 

As you can see in the video, the gel is held snuggly onto your teeth so that the hydrogen oxide can work to deeply clean your teeth, allowing for long lasting results. After all, there’s a reason all the dentists use custom trays. It’s the safest most effective option for your teeth and just so happens to be the most comfortable. Who wants to sit with a bulky ill fitted tray in your mouth or with a LED light sticking out of your mouth. With itw you’ll forget your trays are even there.  

Get your custom trays and start whitening like the professionals in these 5 simple steps.

  • Order online via ITW 
  • Take your impressions in the comfort of your own home
  • Return your one-of-a-kind impressions to ITW
  • The ITW team get to work and create your perfectly fitting trays
  • You start whitening!

There's a reason dentists are using custom trays over LED lights. And when it comes to teeth & whitening, I'm listening to the dentist! 

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