Is it safe to swallow whitening gel?

Where you’ve gone to see your dentist or you’ve purchased a kit online, to whiten your teeth you need some kind of whitening gel. All whitening gel contains the chemical hydrogen-oxygen or carbamide peroxide (when combined with water is transformed into hydrogen peroxide).

One thing to be wary of, throat irritation. This is the most notable side effect of swallowing whitening gel. This is most likely to happen when you overload your trays. Or when you sleep with your trays in. Gel sitting in the back of your throat can easily burn your throat. This is very similar to gum irritation, which also occurs when there is an excess of gel around the gum. The hydrogen peroxide can burn gums and the back of your throat when there is an excess. If the gel is sitting in one spot in your mouth or throat for too long it will inevitably burn or irritate it. This will heal quickly and is, for the most part, uncommon if you are using appropriate whitening methods.

A similar irritation can occur when you begin to digest the whitening gel. It’s possible you could experience an upset stomach. Once again, it’s important to note this is only if you are overloading your trays, have ill-fitting trays that require an excess of gel to cover the entire tooth or are sleeping with your trays in. It’s not ideal to swallow whitening gel, and we certainly wouldn’t be recommending it but the small quantities that you are likely to swallow during each session should not cause pain, discomfort or any long term issues.

How can you prevent swallowing gel?

Don’t sleep with your trays in.

Sleeping with your trays = more time for the gel to burn in the back of your throat and stomach.

Use less gel.

Finding that you are experiencing any of the above whilst you are whitening? The solution could be as simple as using less gel. You shouldn't need much at all per teeth to get an effect. The more gel you use, the more that will end up seeping out, being swallowed and causing all sorts of concerns.

Make sure your trays are well fitted.

This is probably the most important. Inevitably, the more gel you have to use to cover your teeth, the more you will swallow. The better fitting tray = less gell needed = less risk of irritation or discomfort. For professional fitting trays, our custom whitening kit  is the perfect solution. An at-home impression kit is sent to you for you to make your moulds. Once completed, you’ll seal back up the pre-paid postage box with your impressions for our dental technicians to get to work! This is the method most commonly used by dentists and is safe, effective and with itw it’s now also affordable and convenient.

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