Applying makeup with a Toddler at your feet!

By Jamie Reilly

Motherhood, it’s the hardest most rewarding job in the world.

I didn’t know it was possible to love someone as much as I do. Jax is the absolute light of my life, but god it’s a struggles sometimes.

 When you have your baby and leave the hospital, all your focus is on keeping bubs alive. You throw everything else out the window, especially your beauty routine. It’s actually impossible to keep any sort of beauty regime when your thoughts are 100% with someone else, and applying makeup is on the bottom of your priority list. Your mornings are spent breastfeeding, rocking, patting, shusshing, crying, putting on 10 loads of washing a day and changing nappies. Who has time to beautify? So, suddenly you look in the mirror, and you’ve aged 5 years… how did that even happen? It’s totally not your fault, and we all understand.

 So you’ve made it through the first year, bubs is older, and your back to work, but still feeling frazzled and wonder how you will get yourself together each day. Mornings are spent running around after a 1 year old, who laughs when he slaps you, throws every piece of food on the ground and empties each draw in the house. How many biscuits can you give a child to keep him entertained? #mumlife the joys.

 As Mums, we still want to look and feel good. As silly as it seems, it make me a better mum, when I have my makeup on and I am ready to concur the day. Even with Jax tugging at my feet and wanting to be held the entire time, I have become master at applying makeup with one hand and in 10 minutes!

Here are some of my favourite products that I reach for everyday to feel and look good in a matter of minutes...

Skin Prep.

Prepping the skin has never been so important. I know we don’t have the luxury of time, but eye cream and a simple moisturizer is a must. My go-tos are Zo Skin Health Eye Cream, and the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream. I also never go a day without applying my MAC Strobe Cream… it makes my skin dewy and awake, ready for makeup application.

MAC Face and Body Foundation.

No one has time to layer upon layer foundation, at the end of the day, we just want to look put together and alive, after our 5am wake up call, and 2 coffees later, it’s all about pretending, I mean.. feeling fresh and awake.

Face and Body Foundation is exactly that. It can be applied quickly with hands, a buffing brush or a damp beauty blender, and it can be layered if needed, without being cakey.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer.

Next is concealer – a must have with little sleep. This guy literally covers anything. Say goodbye to those dark circles, and hello to 8 hours sleep in a bottle. You can also use a tiny amount on any blemishes.

MAC Give me Sun.

This product is so underrated. It’s like you’ve been on holiday, lying out in the sun for days. Warm up the face with MAC Give me Sun Bronzer, with a big fluffy brush, exactly where the sun would hit, and your ready for your next step.

Stila Convertible Colour in Peony.

I am a sucker for a cream blush, I have dry skin, so this works wonders in keeping me hydrated and dewy. I warm up the product in my fingers and dab on apples of cheeks. It’s super quick and easy, and Peony is the most gorgeous shade of dusty rose pink. I do have a little cream blush obsession, I wont even tell you how many I have.


My most favourite part of makeup. The RMS Living Luminzer will be your best friend. I apply this gorgeous dewy organic highlighter to my cheekbones, cupids bow, center of my nose and inner corner of eyes. And Hello!! You’re now ready for your 15 hour day.


I can’t leave the house without doing my brows., and it literally takes 5 seconds. I just brush them up with a spoolie (this helps with growth), fill in my gaps, and create a full shape with my Eye of Horus Brow Define Pencil in Husk. It is a super fine pencil, and you can create little strokes that mimic brow hairs. It’s my new fav! It just makes my life easy.


Defining the eyes doesn’t have to take too long. Lately I have been loving my Benefit They’re Real Brown Mascara. Another goodie is Chanel Inimitable, if you have a spare $60 you want to spend!! I love my lashes to look long and separated, and Benefit They’re Real does the job.


I constantly suffer from dry lips, and have tried every product under the sun to keep them moisturized. Lately, I have been using my Rodin Lip Balm, and also RMS Lip & Skin Balm, both available at Mecca Cosmetica.

Lastly, I dab a touch of Myth lippy by MAC on top, and I have completed my look. Quick spritz of MAC Fix Plus, and your set to go.

I feel a dewy base and a fuller brow, can make you look so much more youthful, and at age 30… I am all about keeping that youthful vibe.


Some other essentials I keep in my bag while on the go:

Roll on Perfume, Balenciaga

ITW Teeth Whitening Pen (so perfect while on the go)

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hand Cream

Fix Plus (for a freshen up later in day)

The Ouai Mini Texturizing Spray (to refresh the hair)


So happy to share with you my #mumlife essentials, I am sure they will save your life, like they have mine.


 Jamie xo

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