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Welcome to the first In The Window (ITW) blog.

I decided to write the first blog myself but each week you will see many amazing people sharing their experiences, advice, and stories. In The Window will feature blogs about a variety of topics like beauty, motherhood, kids, babies, home, food, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. ITW is about helping people feel good about themselves, so we hope that you admire as much as we do what our bloggers have to share.

So now on to my first blog … Putting myself in the window! (Here we go.)

So many say 'keep what compliments your life'. This is how I feel about ITW. I am 34-years-old, and a mother of two girls aged 9 and 7. For about 8 years I have been indecisive about teeth whitening. With age things start to go downhill. Teeth discolouring being one of them. I have looked online, consulted with dentists, and sussed out what’s available in retail stores. Ideally, I wanted whitening professionally done at a dentist but the high cost changed my mind. I tried a product in the supermarket once for only $18, but it was making me feel sick from discomfort and taste, so found it inconvenient. After doing lots of research, but having no luck, I decided to give my teeth whitening mission a break.

As some of you would be aware I now work for Impression Healthcare, a company who specialise in selling dental devices direct to the consumer. I have worked here for nearly 2 years. When I started, the company only produced mouthguards for sport. To my excitement, they decided to branch out and produce an affordable home custom whitening kit. Considering how long I have been on the hunt for teeth whitening, I was extremely happy about this.  Finally I found what I had been longing for - dental-quality custom whitening kits from the comfort of my own home, and without breaking my budget.

So, this is where my ITW journey started. Now, please don’t think I am sharing this with you as a sales plug. I’m a brutally honest person, and will not complement nor promote anything that I don’t sincerely believe in, or have a passion for. I am telling you this because to me it is seriously the best, and most affordable whitening product on the market. The concept works by doing an impression from home with the kit ITW provides. I found this very easy to do - it only took 10 minutes in total. After this, I posted my impressions back to the lab in Melbourne (they supply the pre-paid postage), then received my completed plates about 3 days later.

How does ITW compliment my life? Well, I’m an extremely busy woman having two kids, working full time, a fashion stylist, bag designer, and dance choreographer. What I love about my whitening sessions with ITW is that I don’t have to stop my daily routine ever. I am a bit ditzy and forgettable at times but this is forgivable using ITW, as I don’t have to pre-plan my whitening sessions. The plates are so slim, comfortable and safe that I can whiten at any time. I whiten while getting my kids ready in the morning, school drop-off, driving to work, at my work desk, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, watching TV, helping kids with homework, while I sleep … anytime! The plates even allow me to talk clearly during my 90 minute whitening sessions, which is a bonus seeing I’m a chatter box (probably not a bonus for the people around me). I have naturally quite sensitive teeth but I don’t seem to have a problem with the ITW gels.

Since using my ITW whitening kit I am more confident with smiling as my teeth are so much whiter. I drink a lot of coffee and wine causing my teeth to discolour, I really didn’t want to give up or cut down on what I love and with ITW I don’t have to. It’s amazing what a white smile can do, people notice it and I feel so much better. After so many years of trying to find a whitening solution, ITW most definitely compliments my life with convenience, low cost, and confidence. ITW offers Afterpay and a money back guarantee, so if whitening is something you have been contemplating for a while, I strongly suggest you try this. You won’t look back.


Carmel Margaritis x

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