How To Use Our Whitening Gel

Today we are going to be discussing the best way to use our whitening gels to get the most out of your whitening experience! It can be confusing, especially if this is your first time using custom whitening trays.

Firstly, don’t forget to brush your teeth before beginning the whitening process.

How much gel do I need?

To begin with, it’s likely that you will need less gell than what you think. We give you a lot of gels so you can keep going until you get the colour you desire and have enough gels for you to touch up throughout the year. We recommend using half a ml of gel per tray. So to summarise in one session you will be using a max of 1ml. Our syringes are 3mm so this will be ⅓ of a gel. This might not seem like much but because our trays fit so closely to your mouth, a little goes a long way.

Note: Putting a lot of gel in the trays won’t necessarily get you better results. It will just seep out of the guard onto your gums and increase your risk of gum burn.

Where is the best spot to put the gel?

Secondly, let's discuss the best place and way to distribute the gel across your whitening trays. I find it easiest to do a small dot in the middle of the front part of your tooth. You want to consider the area that you want to whiten. There’s no point whitening the back of your teeth as no one will be able to see this. Therefore placing the gel in the centre up the front of the teeth will increase your chances of keeping the gel towards the front during the whitening process.

How to correctly put your whitening trays into your mouth?

Just before you put the whitening trays into your mouth it’s important that you're dry all of the moisture of your teeth. To avoid your teeth getting wet start with your top or bottom, dry your mouth, put the tray in then start the process again with the last tray. Otherwise, the saliva will dilute the concentration of the gel.

When placing the gels in the tray, try to place them on the front of your teeth. So you are connecting the trays and your teeth in a more horizontal way opposed to vertical. This is just to try to keep the gel once more, towards the front of your mouth rather than the back or spilling onto your gums.

What are some of the gel seeps out of the tray?

If you can taste or fill the gel anywhere in your mouth, it’s super important to wipe it all away. Leaving gel on your gums will put you at risk of gum burn which is never pleasant! It’s also not great to risk swallowing the gel. And whilst the taste of the gel isn’t totally intolerable it is still not exactly pleasant.

How long should I leave the trays in my mouth?

Leave the trays in for 60-90 minutes for the best results. It’s also important to know when it comes to teeth whitening it isn’t a sprint. For the best, long-lasting results you should repeat the whitening sessions ideally for 7 days in a row or until you have desired results.

Note: Whiten for shorter and less frequent amounts of time if you experience excessive tooth sensitivity.

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