How To Take The Perfect Impressions

Whilst we know for many of our customers or people wondering whether itw is the right fit for them have their worries about our custom trays and impression process. Yes, typically this is a process traditionally only available to consumers through a visit to the dentist our at home impression kit is making it possible to all Aussies in the comfort of their own home!

Although, we understand it can certainly be an intimidating process. This is why we have given you a list of tips and tricks to ensure you get your impressions perfect!

How do you take an impression? The process is straightforward. Here are the steps you should follow to get an accurate impression of your teeth:

1. The first thing you should do before you start taking an impression is to go through the instructions checklist included in your itw package.
  1. Watch the following video a few times to familiarise yourself with the fitting process
  1. Place the impression tray into your mouth to see if it's the correct fit and at a comfortable length. Make sure that the tray feels comfortable and that the length extends no further than just past your back teeth.

  2. If the length of the tray is too long, place the rear portion in boiling water for 20 seconds, and then quickly trim a small portion on each side. Rinse it in cold water and place the tray back into your mouth, making sure it's comfortable and the right length. Repeat this step until the tray is the right size.

  3. If the tray is the right length, but too tight, or not comfortable enough, place the whole tray in boiling water for 20 seconds. Apply pressure to the problem area, and place it back into your mouth to test for comfort. Repeat this step until the set sits comfortably in your mouth.

  4. Steps 6-8 must be completed quickly before the putty hardens. Prior to mixing the putty, place the two containers into a fridge for at least 15 minutes. Then, take out the two containers of putty and mix them together with your hand.

  5. Once it is a uniform colour, roll the putty between your hands into a sausage shape.
    Place putty into the tray.

  6. Place tray into your mouth and push up firmly until the putty moulds around your gums.
    With your index finger, push the mould with the putty in it up high, until it reaches the point where the lips and gums join.

  7. Wait for two minutes and 15 seconds before removing. Do not separate the putty from the tray.

  8. Rinse the putty and allow it to dry.

  9. Once dry, insert the impression tray into the plastic bag contained in the package.
  1. Repeat again for the bottom teeth. Leave the putty for your second impression in the fridge whilst making your first impression to keep it cold which will help slow the rate of the putty setting whilst you mix it together.

  2. Once the impression is completed, return the package to itw where the mouthguard will be manufactured at itw’s advanced dental laboratory using the latest European technology.

Getting your moulds right the first time will speed up the process but of course, if a mistake has been made we will send you out all the materials you need to try again until you get it right! To ensure you’ve got it right and save the waiting period send us in a photo via email or message us through a photo on Facebook and we’ll give you the tick of approval or organise for more putty to be sent to you!

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