How To Keep Your Teeth Looking Nice and Bright

Prolong the amount of time in-between each of your whitening sessions by implementing some of these strategies into your daily routine! We don’t want people stressing 24/7 about the kinds of foods and drink they are eating and making decisions because they are worried about their teeth becoming yellow… We do want to give you a few helpful tips and tricks you can try out to get the most out of your whitening sessions. But of course, itw is always here to pick up the slack for you! 


Firstly we will start with the basics, it may seem obvious but brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once can have some serious benefits! One of the main causes for yellow teeth is because of a build up of plaque. Brushing your teeth helps to remove plaque and stains from your teeth. Flossing helps to get rid of bacteria in your mouth that can lead to the build up of plaque. 


Try to avoid foods that will stain your teeth! This at times, is a hard one. So many yummy food and drink are unfortunately bad for your teeth. This is largely due to the high acidic content of certain foods. To name a few; tea and coffee, red wine, soda and coloured soft drink - particularly coke! fruit juices, tomato based sauces - they are extremely acidic and intense in colour, curry, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, berries and beetroot! We know this is a pretty tough list to avoid all the time but knowledge is power and perhaps now you can eat these foods with a little more caution. 


Just to point out more delicious food that can have a not so great effect on your teeth - sugar! Sugar is a killer when it comes to staining teeth as it creates a great environment for Streptococcus mutans bacteria, a leading cause of plaque build up! But don’t worry, you can still consume these sugary foods in moderation just make sure to brush your teeth shortly after. 


Foods that you can eat to help your teeth! Factor in as many fruits and vegetables that are high in fibre to your diet. Want to know why? Crunchy fruits and veg actually can work to brush away the the plaque on your teeth. 


We understand that restricting your diet from certain foods may not be practical or desired all for a white smile, which is why we also suggest our Instant Teeth Whitening Pen. This is essential in my weekly routine, whether I’m popping out on a Friday night for drinks with the girls or have a friends birthday on a Saturday night, this pen is perfect for keeping your enamel nice and bright between sessions. A quick application onto your teeth as you are about to leave the house and voila but the time you get to dinner your teeth are bright and vibrant. It’s also a great top up mid-week or after a weekend of drinking and eating!

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