How regularly should I whiten my teeth?

It’s a common question we get asked, how regularly should I and how often can I whiten my teeth?

You may or may not have seen our recommendations for when you first receive our custom whitening kit. For the first week that you get trays, we recommend whitening for 60-90 minutes each night before bed. It takes some time for the bleach to deeply and effectively clean your teeth. By doing an hour to an hour and a half whitening sessions over the period of a week you’ll experience less sensitivity and long-lasting, desired results. Of course, if you are satisfied with the colour of your teeth before the seven days feel free to stop whenever!

Are there any situations where you should avoid whitening 7 days straight?

Teeth whitening is a perfectly safe procedure for those who are eligible to whiten but there are some situations where we think it’s best to either reduce the frequency or length of your whitening sessions. We recommend whitening every second day if after the first few sessions you notice your teeth becoming increasingly sensitive. Sometimes reducing the length or giving your teeth a bigger break in between sessions is all you will need to keep it in check.

When should you stop whitening?

Obviously, stop whitening once you get to your desired colour but there are a few other situations where we recommend you to stop the process altogether and wait at least a week. If you experience any kind of gum irritation pause. Gum burn is unfortunately quite common with teeth whitening, whilst custom trays minimise the risk it’s still a possibility. This is why we tell you to wipe away any excess gel with a paper towel. If you fall pregnant or experience extensive tooth sensitivity we will also ask you to put a hold on the whitening until a later date.

When is best to use the whitening pen?

Personally, I love the whitening pen to maintain my bright white smile. I actually started using it before using the custom trays and definitely noticed results (and got lots of compliments on my teeth looking white!). But now my favourite way to use it is as a top up before an event or I’m about to go out. I find when I’m using my whitening pen every week or so I won’t feel the need to whitening for a couple of months. It’s always best to whiten before bed but if I’m about to go out I like to put the pen on as I’m getting ready. I’m not always organised enough to remember it the night before! Just avoid food for 45 minutes after!

To maintain my white smile, how many times a year should I whiten?

This one is totally personal preference! Some might feel the need to whiten more regularly than others depending on habits, diet and the natural whiteness of their teeth. I like to do a top-up session every 2 months or if I have something specific I want my smile to be on point for! When I whiten typically I’ll do 3-5 sessions in a row for best results but if I don’t feel like I need it I’ll just do one or two. I could probably get away with only doing it once a year or every 6 months but I like to keep my smile super white!

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