For The Best Smile, You Need to Remember One Important Thing: Flossing!

Flossing your teeth. Something I think a lot of people think of just an annoying thing the dentist nags you to do after paying a visit. Today, we are going to talk to you about the importance of flossing and why you need to start working it into your daily routine!

Did you know that flossing accounts for approximately 40% when cleaning your teeth? If you are a non-flosser that means you are technically only cleaning 60% of your teeth each time you brush, gross!

Let's start by talking about the annoying and painful to remove, plaque. Flossing is the key defence to reducing plaque build up on your teeth. But plaque acts fast and it doesn’t take long for a build-up of bacteria to harden and turn into plaque. And once plaque has formed it’s a tricky thing to remove and generally requires a trip to the dentist to start fresh again. An expensive and unenjoyable inconvenience!

What else happens when you don’t floss? Well did you know, plaque and bad bacteria is the leading cause for bad breath?

From an appearance perspective, there are also major advantages when it comes to flossing. If you don’t floss, the effects will eventually show on your teeth as between the cracks and as plaque builds there will be a notable build up of plaque or a slightly yellow looking substance beginning to coat your teeth. This will also become more noticeable when you start to whiten your teeth as the whitening gel will only work on the teeth themselves, not the build-up of plaque surrounding them. As teeth become whiter, the imperfections around your teeth that cannot be bleached will become more noticeable. Your results from whitening will also unfortunately not be as even or effective as they could be.

But there is one easy way to solve all of this, flossing! Ideally, you should floss everytime you brush your teeth but we understand people get rushed and busy particularly in the morning. This is why we recommend trying to work it into your nightly routine so you are at least doing it once a day!

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