Finding Mummy Friends

By Ashlea Cole - The Vulnerable Mum

This topic has come up alot lately and its sad that so many feel anxious trying to make mummy friends.

Before we have kids we work, we go out, we have hobbies and so making friends with common interests seems organic.

Once you become a mum not only do we seemingly have blinkers on to only see our kids when we are out but we also hardly know whats going on in the world if its not on ABC Kids. Lets face it Rat in a Hat isnt up with the worldly news!

This is how complex finding a friend seems to be...

- does she work? If so what days will we be able to hang out

- how far does she live? Can i get away with getting in my car in my pjs for a play date

- does she like wine and/ or coffee?

- how old are her kids? Will mine and hers get along without us being constant referees?

- do we parent the same

- will our partners get along if we want to hang out together

You get the gist... its ridiculous what we now have to consider when supposedly making a freaking friend.

Well heres what i think...

Dont judge a woman by her kids.. all kids are crazy... and dont judge a book by its cover... shes either tried today after a bad night or shes given up on herself because her kids are as said above crazy!

Give everyone a chance


Happy mum friend finding xxx

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