Does Whitening Toothpaste Really Work?

Have you ever wondered how effective whitening toothpaste is and what effect it really has on making your teeth shine brighter?

Let’s start by talking about the difference in whitening toothpaste and normal toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste will contain an abrasive agent, this is to help with the second ingredient, carbamide peroxide, to react more with the stains in our teeth. Carbamide peroxide is the active ingredient in our gels and most others. In the form of a toothpaste, carbamide peroxide is not so effective since it takes at least 30 minutes to start reacting and removing stains in the dentin layer that is causing the discolouration of the teeth. The abrasive substances will help work to allow the carbamide peroxide to clean achieve a more thorough clean.

How effective are these substances in whitening using this method?

Well considering the reaction time of carbamide peroxide, unfortunately, it won’t have much of a difference in comparison to your normal toothpaste. Chances are you’ll get very similar results to your standard brush as your toothbrush will be abrasive enough to rid of any surface stains.


Unfortunately, the results are not quite what you might hope as the active whitening ingredient won’t have a chance to react and deep clean your teeth. It’s likely that your teeth will only become a shade whiter.

As we have to be careful with brushing too hard, we also have to be careful with using whitening toothpaste and abrasive materials that we don’t take away our enamel. Enamel is our best friend when it comes to keeping teeth white. It’s the hard-exterior layer of our teeth and it’s what makes our teeth look white. Sadly, our enamel will not grow back once it has been worn down. This is why we have to take good care of it. Hard brushing or using abrasive materials can wear our enamel down so be wary!


When whitening toothpaste is most effective:

If you want noticeable, effective results when whitening then toothpaste is probably not your best option. However, it can be great when used in conjunction with other whitening products. It’s also great to use if you are looking to maintain your pearly whites! But if you are planning to use it as your sole method of whitening, you are likely to be disappointed with the results.

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