Does Charcoal Really Whiten Your Teeth?

Teeth whitening’s popularity is ever increasing and with that, so are teeth whitening methods! It all started with the gimmicky LED lights and now it’s reached a whole new crazy level. Yes, you guessed it, charcoal teeth whitening! Taking the world… or should I say Instagram feeds by storm!  

But what we are looking at today is if it works and how?

Firstly, as I’m sure most of you are away if you plan to whiten your teeth using charcoal it has to be the activated form. What’s this? Activated charcoal is made differently to standard charcoal you are likely to find on the BBQ. It is made at high heats which changes the chemical structure of the charcoal leaving the substance with a negative charge. This is how it attracts all of the dirty substances staining your teeth. Negative molecules will attract positive molecules. Positive molecules include substances such as various gases and toxins.

That’s a summary of the chemical theory behind the concept of whitening your teeth with activated charcoal.

Is there any evidence to prove activated charcoal actually works to whiten the teeth?

At the moment, there is no formal medical evidence to prove that charcoal effectively whitens the teeth. However, there is no evidence to show that it is dangerous to use.

Word of Warning

However, there is one potential issue with charcoal teeth whitening and we would like to share with you a word of warning… some charcoal substances can be highly abrasive. As you might be aware, the enamel of teeth is irreparable and can be warned down from grinding, clenching, scratching and eating abrasive foods. The same thing happens if you brush your teeth too aggressively. You can, therefore, see where the worry comes in with scrubbing your teeth with charcoal. Be careful not to scrub away your enamel, leaving your dentin exposed! This will cause further problems in the future and make it harder to keep your big, bright, white smile.

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