Can I Sleep With My Whitening Trays In?

Are you one of those people, with perhaps a bit of an addictive personality or that is obsessed with getting your teeth as white as possible?! A lot of us are, and it’s easy to become a little impatient with whitening, leading you to look for ways to get the most out of each session. It’s easy to come to the idea if I sleep with my guard in, will I get better results in a shorter amount of time!? Or are you someone that’s accidentally fallen asleep with their plates in and are now worried what the effects will be!

Well, we’re here to talk about what happens when you sleep with your whitening trays in - if it will help them get whiter and what the risks are. The mains risks really come down to your personal experience as everyone will have different ones when they whiten their teeth. For example, some people will experience more sensitivity than others. Some also are unfortunately more prone to gum burn. These people should definitely not whiten with their trays in overnight!

When we whiten our teeth the nutrients and hydration are temporarily drained and our pores in our teeth are opened up. It takes some time after whitening for them to be re-absorbed. This is why it works so well to whiten at night before bed, our teeth have time to recover overnight as the rest of our body does! When we sleep with the whitening trays in we don’t give our teeth as much of an opportunity to recover so you’ll be extra sensitive in the morning, your pores may also be more open and susceptible to staining.

Sleeping with your trays in and whitening gel provides an increased time for trays to rub and react with the gel and your gums, which could result in gum burn or gum irritation which is not comfortable at all!

Some professionals would also argue that when you whiten for extensive periods of time, most of the gel will eventually be swallowed and slipped out of the guard so there is very little point in going to all the trouble!

So, the answer, can you sleep with your whitening trays in?! You can, but do so at your own risk and don't expect to see a huge change in results! 

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