Buying Whitening Gel Refills At The Dentist Vs Online

May 16, 2019

Buying Whitening Gel Refills At The Dentist Vs Online

So, you’ve been to the dentist, got your custom whitening trays and completed your whitening sessions as per the doc's orders. Now it’s been months or years since you’ve whitened and the inevitable has happened. The coffee, red wine, berries, smoking, even the tomato sauce you’ve been having on your pizza and in your pasta has caused your teeth to discolour yet again! You have your trays but no whitening gels. So, what should you do?

Dentist appointments can be annoying especially when it’s not a pressing issue like a toothache. More importantly, they can very quickly get expensive too! Especially for the more cosmetic side of dentistry like teeth whitening.

Firstly let's talk about the key component in teeth whitening - the gel. Teeth whitening gels are all made with the same key component Hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide, both are molecules made from Hydrogen and oxygen. How do these molecules work to whiten your teeth? When the gel makes contact with your teeth the Carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide which works by bleaching existing stains and tackles deep discolouration in your teeth.

All whitening gels are made up of the same active ingredients. The difference when you get gels from the dentist? It’s likely that the dentist gels will have a higher % of active ingredients present in the gel. This can give more effective results however it doesn’t always make it the safest option. The higher the % of active ingredients, the more likely you are to experience the negative side effects that can accompany whitening! However, dentist gels will provide you with effective results just at a costly price!

Itw’s whitening gel, on the other hand, is approximately one-quarter of the price if you were to go through your dentist! The gel will be less concentrated with active ingredients however you may find this will reduce symptoms from whitening. The gel will still do a very similar job, the custom trays will do a lot of the work by holding the gel in place to give your teeth a deep clean!

So, why not give our pens a go? One syringe will last you 3 whitening sessions. Our gels are made from the highest quality materials and are great value. Check them out here.