Trying To Be 'Mother of the Year'

By Carmel Margaritis

And so I thought that mum life would be pushing a pram down Norwood Parade while shopping and stopping for coffee. Yeah, right!

Although I am past the sleepless nights and nappy stage, having two daughters aged 7 and 10 doesn’t get any easier, but defiantly has its advantages. Being a mum in 2017 for me means juggling full-time work and mum duties. I guess I’m not your average person, not only do I work full-time but I also co-direct a dance agency, coach calisthenics, design bags, and until recently, choreographed the Adelaide 36ers cheerleaders.

Being a mummy begins most days by making school lunches for Dior and Isla. A highlight of my day (not), especially when I’ve forgotten to get fresh bread the night before. Followed by school drop off, thank god for kiss and drop as this saves me about 15min. Between after school activities, feeling like an Uber driver, homework that is set for parents, newsletters I forget to read, washing that can sit there for a week… I sometimes feel like I’m not keeping up with ‘motherhood’.

On top of that I see on social media other mums parading what they do with their kids, and I sit there puzzled. How can they fit all that in? Are my kids missing out? Should I be posting more picture on social media of my kids? Do I need to have a theme for every kids birthday party? Are my kids eating the right foods? Do their kids ever just chill? Agh, the self doubt!

I think back to my childhood and remember only doing two sports/hobbies maximum, and having many days just playing at home. And I turned out alright. I think!

As a mother there is so much I question about myself, and I worry I'm not even close to being ‘mother of the year’. But, then I feel the tightness in my girl’s hugs, see the smiles on their faces, hear the trust in their conversations with me, and I know that I'm doing the important things right. It’s silly comparing yourself or trying to keep up with the Joneses. Each to their own. Remind yourself that you only ever see the good publicly displayed and that every mother is battling their own doubts and stresses. You aren’t going to post a video of you yelling at your kids are you? Being a good mum isn't what others are doing, it’s what works for you and your kids.

Yes, being a mum is not easy but I wouldn’t change it for anything, the fact that you are the world to two amazing little humans is the most remarkable feeling ever. Not only am I teaching them life lessons but they also teach me something new everyday. I’m amazed at how many morals they take from one story, it’s a remarkable feeling knowing you are a big influence to how much joy they bring to many. The best part about being a mum in 2017 is that my girls are small enough to sit on my lap but old enough to be my best friends. Oh, and do the chores!

Carmel x

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