At Home LED Lights. Do They Really Work? Or Is It All Just A Gimmick?

Ahh, the LED lights! They certainly seem to have saturated the teeth whitening market. Every second influencer has a photo with the big chunk of lit up plastic sticking out of their mouths. When so many brands are using these lights for their whitening process they must work..right? Wrong! 


Firstly lets talk about the key component in teeth whitening - the gel. Teeth whitening gels are all made with the same key component Hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide, both are molecules made from Hydrogen and oxygen. How do these molecules work to whiten your teeth? When the gel makes contact with your teeth the Carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide which works by bleaching exisiting stains and tackles deep discolouration in your teeth. 


So how are LED lights supposed to help with this process? 

There are several methods that can speed up the reaction time of the Carbamide peroxide a popular one by teeth whitening clinics is through the use of a UV light. This sets off a frequency that has the ability to speed up the hydrogen peroxide and therefore the whitening process. It’s in these cases that it’s possible to get a better result in a quicker period of time. So what about the LED light used by many online teeth whitening brands? The LED light does not let off any UV rays, it’s simply a blue coloured LED light. Therefore the light plays basically no impact in the teeth whitening process at all! They are simply a cheap light with a blue bulb. Some teeth whitening companies such as Smile Brilliant, have even chosen to get rid of the blue whitening bulb after realising the minimal effect it actually has on the teeth whitening process. 


What is the best way to whiten?


As I’m sure many of you are aware, if you were to visit your dentist for teeth whitening they will take an impression of your teeth and make you custom whitening trays, they will then provide you with whitening gels for you to use at home. Custom trays work to keep all the gel close to your teeth, to evenly spread the hydrogen peroxide around your teeth so the gel can soak into the deep layers of your teeth for optimal and long-lasting results. Not to mention this is the most comfortable and practical method for teeth whitening. As you can imagine, for many this is a costly procedure. This is why itw is bringing you custom whitening trays without the hassle and expense of visiting the dentist. Say goodbye to gimmicky lights and hello to instant, long-lasting and affordable results- at home!


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