All The Things You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening, with all of the different methods and brands currently on the market it’s easy to get confused, overwhelmed and mislead. We’ve gathered some information about teeth and teeth whitening to help extend your knowledge as a consumer.

Hopefully, this will help you make informed decisions about your teeth whitening journey.

Why teeth become stained:

Firstly, one interesting fact about teeth is, like skin, they have pores and absorb substances accordingly. This is how, unfortunately, our teeth are easily stained by the food and drinks that we consume. Think about red wine teeth for example, whilst the red wine stains will mostly disappear after brushing your teeth a decent amount of the stain will come off however a more permanent discolouration is likely. The darker the colour and acidity of foods the more severe staining will be i.e. berries, black coffee, tomatoes. Over time it’s inevitable that your teeth will become more stained unless you work to actively remove them. Effective teeth whitening gel works to open up your pores temporarily and clear out the discolouration.

How your whitening appliance could be impacting your results:

The secret to effective teeth whitening these days lies in the appliance you use. Most over the counter gels are all pretty similar and will all effectively work to whiten your teeth. But the appliance used can make a bigger difference than what you might think. To get the best and most even results custom whitening trays are desired. This is what your dentist will provide you with if you were to visit them. To purchase an over the counter kit see our custom whitening kit. For whitening to be effective it is important that the gel is evenly distributed to each part of your teeth and is able to absorb deep into the pores to rid of stains. Using a one size fits all or mouldable whitening tray is unlikely to give you even results and will be less effective as the gel will not be able to be absorbed as deep into the pores.

Achieving long-lasting results:

To get long-lasting results you have to whiten repetitively for a period of time. Despite what many whitening brands will have you believe, effective and safe teeth whitening cannot be achieved in 10 minutes or overnight. To truly rid of deep stains in your teeth it’s important to repeat the whitening process multiple times. Whilst you have a good chance of noticing results after the first whitening session, it’s a much lengthier process to deeply clean and free your teeth of stains. And of course, the more significantly stained your teeth are the longer the process may be. However, once your teeth are white it will be a lot easier for you to maintain. This is why we recommend doing 7 days of 90-minute sessions (provided your teeth and mouth are agreeing with the whitening process).

Sensitive Teeth:

Teeth sensitivity on some level is normal with any whitening product. There is no magic ingredient or gel that doesn’t put you at risk of experiencing some kind of tooth sensitivity. Everybody is different and will have different experiences but typically you will experience less sensitivity from gels lower in hydrogen peroxide. What you can’t control is your genetics, thin tooth enamel and cracked teeth will increase your sensitivity. What causes your teeth to become sensitive? Your teeth after whitening will become dehydrated which means your nerves will have less insulation. Your teeth will naturally become hydrated within 12-36 hours so it’s important not to stress too much if you notice sensitivity straight after.

When To Whiten:

Always try to whiten before bed! After you whiten your pores stay open for a while and it will take some time for them to close again. In this time your teeth will be more susceptible than usual to staining from food and drink. However, if you are whitening before bed your teeth’s pores will have plenty of time to close up again. Also by the time you wake up in the morning, your teeth will be more hydrated and less sensitive to hot and cold foods. If you don’t have time to whitening during the night no biggy just be cautious of the foods you consume that day (steer clear of red wine and black coffee).

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