15+ Reasons You Should Whiten Your Teeth

By Kerry Siciliano

It’s amazing what a white smile can do to your life. If you look good, you then feel good.
Here are 15 reasons why I reckon you should whiten your teeth and why I like to whiten them…

  1. Makes you look younger. There are many options these days to look younger. Teeth whitening might seem to be the least likely way to look younger, but is one of the simplest, cost-effective and effect ways to scrape off 6 years. Discolouring occurs over time.
  2. Triggers a positive reaction from others. Your warm, healthy smile makes others feel better. It can lift someone’s day in an instant. If your teeth are white you aren’t afraid to smile.
  3. Making the time & money worth it after having braces.  I spent thousands on braces so it would be silly for me to then have a straight but yellow teeth. My straight teeth are now complimented by my white smile.
  4. Can improve your confidence and self-esteem. If I have a pimple I automatically feel really yuk. This impacts on my social life - I just want to stay inside with a blanket over me - and the same goes with yellow teeth. By having white teeth, I instantly feel like I can conquer the world. Well, maybe not world, but at least that business meeting or event.
  5. Makes you look more attractive. Teeth are one of the first things I notice and can make someone more or less attractive.
  6. A symbol of wealth and social status. If you have nice white teeth it shows that you take pride in your appearance.
  7. Can play a huge part in getting a new or dream job. Presentation is a huge factor in winning at that job interview, it tells a lot about your personality and self-value.
  8. Better oral hygiene. For me, white teeth show that you take care of yourself.
  9. Long lasting effects. A small price to pay for a lasting white smile, and the best part is that once you have a kit you can keep whitening as often as you need, giving you a lifetime of whiteness.
  10. Can improve your dating life. I’ll be honest, if I were to go on a date and his smile matched my Mac foundation … it would most defiantly impact the potent of going on that second date. He would have to have a lot of other wonderful qualities for me to let that slide. In fact, to many, nice teeth make people seem more attractive.
  11. Continue to enjoy delicious foods that stain your teeth. Chocolate, wine, soda and coffee are a few of my favourite things but not so great for the colour of my teeth. Having a whitening kit allows me to keep on top of stains.
  12. Remove stains from teeth. This is quite straight-forward: teeth whitening gets rid of stains. Who wants those?
  13. Look your very best for that special occasion. Of course you want to look your best for that special occasion. Professional make up, hair done, tan, eyelash extensions … you name it. People often forget about their teeth and how much this can also make you feel fabulous.
  14. It’s non-surgical! Many self improvements these days are done surgically. Not with teeth whitening. Look 6 years younger without the high costs or recovery pain. Not to mention stigma.
  15. Aid in giving up smoking. I’ve never smoked before but I often hear how hard it is to quit. Spending time and money on teeth whitening is a great reason to fight the temptation to light up. Smokers breath and yellow teeth is not an attractive.
  16. To compliment your makeup.  My lipstick always looks way better with white teeth. The colour is more defined and striking.

So, that’s my 15+ reasons to whiten. Im sure there are many more to add to it.

Kerry x

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